Opioid Addiction Information and Resources
Local Information and Resources
Overdose Prevention: Narcan available locally
Where to turn for help with drug and alcohol issues in Bucks County

Statewide Information and Resources
Opioids for Pain: Ask your doctor these questions about opioid pain medication.
Information on Act 53- Pennsylvania law that allows a parent/legal guardian to obtain a drug and alcohol assessment for their child, and if warranted, compel the child to enter treatment.

PA STOP: The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance Campaign to Stop Opiate Abuse

Funded through a generous grant from the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD), and together with workgroup partners, the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance to Stop Opiate Abuse has developed free materials about opiate addiction for D and A professionals to download and distribute, as well as information and resources for anyone looking for HELP.

PA Stop is designed to educate Pennsylvanians about the risks of prescription painkiller and heroin use, the relationship between painkiller and heroin use, and what to do when you need help. We are working to prevent non-medical use of prescription painkillers and, in so doing, to break the connection between heroin and prescription painkillers. Together, we can stop opiate addiction before it starts.

Commonwealth of PA’s Opioid Addiction Treatment and Prevention Guide

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is working to provide real solutions to save lives and help addicted individuals and their families get the treatment they need to live long, productive lives. This guide will connect you with opioid addiction services. You can also find treatment by using the Center of Excellence site locator.